FH001/002/003/004/005 POWERLOC electronic safer locking bars

  • Product code: FH001,FH002,FH003,FH004,FH005
  • Frequency: Not applicable
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: ELS
  • Lock system: Electronic Lock System
  • Produktinformation
  • Produktinformation

    Über dieses Produkt

    If you have already applied Century's safers in your security solutions, you will be interested in Century's POWERLOC

    POWERLOC is the electronic locking system that Century designed for Century's safers products.

    It is perfectly compatible with the majority of safers in Century’s extensive range of safer products.


    Electronic locking bar

    Compatible with SLS-safers


    F700, F702, F703, F7108


    F5556, F5202, F5222, F5346,F5356,

    F5366, F5456, F5476, F5552, F5553,

    F5555, F5602, F5556B, F503


    F704, F7106, F7107, F7336, F7606


    F5368, F7675, F7776


    F7104, F7105, F7116

    * To be detached with POWERLOC detacher D912

    Different from most of the magnetic detachers in the market, POWERLOC provides added security value to the safer products.
    It combines a mechanical unlocking system with an electronic code. The safers will only be unlocked when the codes match.
    Century also provides the software platform for store staff to be able to better manage the codes and safer products in stores.
    It adds in this way to the conventional way of safeguarding goods with safers that offer the highest security level for retail merchandise.


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