T823 UHF pin (round)

  • Product code: T823
  • Frequency: 865-868MHz(EU)
  • Dimension: Ø34x5.3mm
  • Color: Light grey
  • Produktinformation
  • Produktinformation

    Über dieses Produkt

    The RFID pin is a replacement of the traditional pin used with the EAS tag. It has a unique ID and can store additional information. It upgrades the EAS system, and provides more advanced functions. 

    Category by Application: Apparel & retail, inventory control and supply chain management
    Integrated Circuit [IC]: Impinj Monza R6P
    Read Range(Fixed reader with power -33dbm): up to 4m


    • Widely compatible with existing EAS tags to upgrade them with its RFID features.
    • Fast and easy deployment with RFID technology by just replacing the regular pin.




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