CE51001 - Click-pin tag

  • Product code: CE51001
  • Frequency: AM,RF,AM+RFID,RF+RFID,860-960MHZ(GS)
  • Dimension: 50.1x20.1x32.3mm
  • Color: Black,Customized
  • Lock: Standard,Super
  • Packing: 40.5x30.5x24cm,50pcs/bag,5bags/ctn,5.5kgs/ctn
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  • Produktinformation

    Über dieses Produkt

    The pin and its (un)locking system are integrated in the click-pin tag, making it a very efficient and safe tool for the
    protection of a.o. clothing, towels and linens.
    The pin is retracted when the tag's not in use, but it just takes one click to let it come out of its casing and
    have the tag safely and easily secure the merchandise that needs protecting.

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