UNO camera sensor

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    Über dieses Produkt

    UNO is the modular, one-for-all open display solution.

    The clever design of our acrylic camera display stand makes a secure and unhindered presentation of cameras possible in a fairly effortless manner. UNO’s camera sensor makes it possible to present the camera with the lens faced forwards or backwards. The special tilt protection feature of the camera display stand enables retailers to also display cameras with larger lenses without them tilting over. The auto-positioning feature helps to flawlessly line up the cameras and helps to bring camera displays to perfection.

    The UNO controller base remains completely intact after removal of the camera display stand and is ready immediately for use with one of our other UNO stands. Changing the stands can be done in just minutes in a few simple steps.

    Uno takes product presentation to the next level for sure!

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