T317 - Mini lanyard tag

  • Product code: T317
  • Frequency: RF
  • Dimension: 48.4x16.5x13.5mm
  • Color: Black,White,Customized
  • Lock: Standard,Super
  • Packing: 34×25×17cm,100pcs/bag,5bags/ctn
  • Produktinformation
  • Produktinformation

    Über dieses Produkt

    T317 is a mini lanyard tag with a perfect blend of polished and matte surfaces and a
    fluent design. Its integrated lanyard cable and stainless steel pin makes it easy to use.
    Our T317 provides a good deterring effect without disturbing the apperance of the protected merchandise.

    • Wide range of applications like bags, backpacks, shoes, belts and sporting goods
    • Compact and lightweight
    • One-piece fluent design
    • Easily removable at the POS with a magnetic detacher (D200)

    Lanyard: 128 mm



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