Wonder what the Plus stands for in Super cable tag Plus?

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New EaseCap - 16/06/2017

The new EaseCap has a slim and transparent design. It provides a one-step protection solution for various beverage bottles. B031 can be easily attached and detached from the bottleneck and allows the retailer to improve their work efficiency and to reduce labour costs.

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Laundry tracking, the simple money saver for linen cleaners - 27/02/2017

In the laundry business, even a slight cut in labour or linen replacement expenses can measurably impact the bottom line. In a new whitepaper, Century Europe explores how ‘laundry tracking’ based on Radio Frequency Identification technology can help.

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Now is the time to embrace new EAS technologies - 24/02/2017

With retail markets shifting and technology advancing, demand for Electronic Article Surveillance, or EAS, systems is growing. At Century Europe we’re excited to be operating at the forefront of this market.

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Century: innovative security solutions for retailers - 20/01/2017

"We can rightly say: together we have grown from a manufacturing company into a development and sales driven organisation!", said by our CEO Henny Kranenberg. Curious to learn more about Century?

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New website - 19/10/2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! After a couple of months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch on Tuesday October 18, 2016.

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Century EU stock online - 13/09/2016

As the online stock checking software is included in our new website, we haven’t been able to provide you with the possibility of checking stock online, until now.

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Labels for fresh-frozen food - 30/07/2016

Do you desperately need labels to prevent your fresh and frozen food from being stolen? Have you ever thought of a unique label that could work perfectly in both freezers and microwaves? The good news is Century has just launched two EAS labels to make your wishes come true.

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